Event Details

The Kids Dash at Grants Pass High School Russ Werner Field and track area


The Events

1600 meters (metric mile)

 This is a challenge race for advanced runners in middle school and above.  Interested parents and members of the medical community are invited to run against Dr. Nate Tanner, who  founded The Kids Dash in 2002.  He seldom is beaten!

The Kids Dashes

Ages 2 and up.  first race is at 9:00 AM.  All of the dashes are on the varsity track.  The site map shows each starting position.  Look for the White START feather flag, which will indicate the starting position of each race.

Long Jump

 Look for the blue checkered feather flag

A standing long jump using the varsity jump pit.  Eliminating the run-up minimizes the possibility of injuries.  Participants receive a certificate with their name, the date and their best distance (2 tries/child)

Javelin Throw

 Look for the red checkered feather flag

Our “javelins” are foam darts donated by Dutch Bros.  Each participant gets two throws and gets to keep her/his javelin!  Participants receive a certificate with their name, the date and the length of the longest throw.

Beaks vs. Snouts

Look for the pole with the red bird face on top

Strictly for fun.  Ever hear of Angry BirdsTM?  Try the giant slingshot using plush toy birds as projectiles.  Object is  to hit the pig targets.

The Hue-man Race

It has its own page

Kids Dash Medley Relay ver 3.2


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