The Hue-man Race


The Hue-man Race is the Kids Dash mini version of national for-profit events like Run or Dye™ , the Color Run™, Rainbow Run™ and Color Me Rad™.  Those events will not come to small communities because the profits aren’t sufficient.  They return approximately 2% of their proceeds to local charities.  They are 5 K events.   The KidZone Community Foundation’s Kids Dash and the Hue-man Race will be returning all proceeds after expenses to physical activity and fitness programs for young people in our community.  PLUS,   The Hue-man Race  uses tempera paint applied to runners with super-soaker type devices. We use ColorationsR  red, blue, green and yellow paint, which is described as a washable formula which “easily washes off skin, fabric, and surfaces with just soap and water” . That being said, beware that some fabrics may stain, especially with the  red  paint, according to organizers who have used this paint  in their color races.   Participants should wear clothes expecting that there may be permanent staining.  It would be reasonable to bring a change of clothes and towels to protect the interior of vehicles on the way home.  We suggest sunglasses or swim goggles to protect the eyes. Our colorists are instructed to aim for the body below the face. However,   in past Hue-man Races,  kids would  often dive and roll on the tarps protecting the colorizing area (they are kids, after all).  We will have large plastic bags available for children and or their soiled clothes.

The Colorations R paint is made in the USA and is AP certified*.  The paint is free of latex, dairy, casein, egg, gluten, peanut, tree nut and soy.

Instead of a 5K distance, the Hue-man Race will have a 30 minute time limit.  (or until we run out of paint)  The more circuits you do, the more colorful you can become!  After the “Race” there will be a chance to take pictures, dance, cavort, make colorful Hue-man pyramids etc.

What to wear and what to (and not to) bring:

  •  Wear sunglasses or swim goggles to keep the color out of your eyes.  Our colorists aim for the body, but with Hue-man racers of different sizes going through the color spray area at the same time, faces could be painted.

  • Putting coconut or olive oil in your hair before the race will make it easier to wash out the colors after the race.

  • Run in old shoes (or bare feet) New or white could look old and broken-in very quickly.

  • Wear the official Hue-man Race t-shirt, or an old white one.  Don’t wear expensive clothes of any sort.

  • Wear sunscreen (on exposed skin) and lip balm (on exposed lips).

  • Put your phone,tablet, camera etc in baggies or similar protective covers.

  • Bring a change of clothes and towels.    BEFORE the race, cover the seats of your car with beach towels or old sheets.

*ACMI Seals: The AP (Approved Product) Seal identifies art materials that are safe and that are certified in a toxicological evaluation by a medical expert to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, including children, or to cause acute or chronic health problems.


The 2018 Hue-man Race is sponsored by: