Volunteer for the 2020 Kids Dash

  April 5, 2020 1PM:

The Kids Dash steering group is following the Coronavirus situation closely. We are, as NASA would say, “Holding” at this time. We still hope to host the event as scheduled on June 6th. . We will keep everyone informed. Watch this space for updates.



The 9th annual Kids Dash will be June 6th, 2020 at the GPHS Russ Werner track!

We  Need Volunteers

Volunteer positions (Updated March 7, 2020):

Assignment                                                      Number needed                Time   

Set-up                                                                               Need  12              7:00-8:30

Exhibitor set-up assistance                                       Need 1                 7:00-8:30

Signage positioning                                                     Need 2                 7:00-8:30

Registration Desk and T-shirt sales                        Need 4               8:30-11:30

Giant Slingshot                                                             Need 3                9:00-11:00

Long Jump                                                                      Need 3               9:00-11:00

Foam Dart Javelin                                                        Need 3                9:00-11:00

Dashes runner assistance                                         Need 3                9:30-11:00

Dash start flag placement                                         Need 1                9:30-11:00

Bubble Trek course control #                                   Need 8               11:30-12:00

Bubble generator operator*                                    Need 2               11:30-12:00

Bubble generator operator*                                    Need 1               12:00-12:30

Take-down & clean up                                               Need 8                   1:30-2:30

#Please take a look at the video on the Hue-man Race page: We need volunteers to keep participants moving, but not running, through the bubble gauntlets.  There may be small children whose parents don’t want to go through the gauntlet. We want volunteers available to take those kids through the bubbly area (about 10 to 15 yards long).

*Age 21 or over, please




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