Rx:Motion 2015

The foundation is offering a new round of physical activities for children with weight and inactivity issues.  Candidates are children covered by either AllCare or PrimaryHealth insurance.  Please contact your physician for more information.

Information for parents – Rx:Motion 2015
“Inactivity is a major cause of obesity in the United States. In fact, inactivity might be a far more significant factor in the development of obesity than overeating.”
-The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 2004
What is Rx: Motion?
Rx: Motion is a program originated by KidZone Community Foundation in 2010. It provides organized physical activity for children covered by AllCare or Primary Health who are referred by their physician or other medical care provider. The program is primarily for children who are overweight and inactive. The goal of the program is to provide a foundation for children to help them enjoy and participate in physical activity on a regular basis throughout their lives. Rx: Motion offers a variety of activities that are based on the individual, and stress motion and achievement of personal fitness goals. We try to minimize competition-based sports, which often “turn off” the kids who most need physical activity. The program is loosely based on the Green Prescription, used in New Zealand since the 1990’s, which has proven to be successful. While Rx: Motion primarily stresses physical activity. We strongly recommend nutritional education for overweight children and their parents. Cost of Rx: Motion will be covered by MRIPA/ AllCare or OHMS/Primary Health.
How does it work?
The organizations below are participating in Rx: Motion. If your medical care provider refers your child to the program, the first step is to decide which activity provider to choose. Feel free to speak to the contact person at as many of the of the activity providers as you wish. They can describe the range of activities more fully than the description provided below. In many cases, location and transportation may play a role in the decision.
YMCA, 1000 Redwood Highway. All of the Y’s programs are available except private services of fitness trainers. On school days, bus service is available, but space is limited, from Redwood Elementary, Madrona Elementary, Allendale Elementary, Fruitdale Elementary and Parkside Elementary schools.
Call YMCA 541-474-0001 ask for Vanessa Kurz
Club Northwest, 2160 Vine Street. All of the Club’s programs are available except private services of fitness trainers.
Contact CNW: 541-955-2582 ask for Amanda Valle or Jesse Salas.
Boys & Girls Club (Triple Play: http://www.bgca.org/whatwedo/SportsFitnessRecreation/Pages/TriplePlayDetail.aspx) 203 SE 9th Street (on school days, bus service provided from District 7 schools, Fort Vannoy & Fruitdale).
Call the Boys & Girls Club: 541-479-1923 ask for Sharon Maduzia.
Motion Matrix (gymnastics) 2015 NW Hawthorne. Call Lisa Austin: 541 956-4985.
Intake information and data collection (age, height, weight, waist measurement and gender- for BMI & iBMI calculation, and self-image assessment) will be acquired by the contact person at the activity location prior to beginning and at the completion of a 6-month activity program). Data will be handled in confidential HIPAA compliant fashion. Individual anonymity will be protected.